Facebook Post to Facebook in Multiple Languages ​​Knowledge of languages ​​is increasingly important in a…

Knowledge of languages ​​is increasingly important in such a globalized world, but we cannot always perfectly handle all the languages ​​that we would like.

However, that does not mean that we cannot post to Facebook in multiple languages.

Social networks help us communicate with people anywhere in the world.

They are a good way to keep in touch with people who are far away, but they are also a very useful tool for making new friends.

The Advancement in technology has ensured that language is no longer a major barrier when it comes to communicating, especially if it is a written communication.

A good example of this is Facebook, which for some time has given greater importance to languages.

Post to Facebook in multiple languages

How to post to Facebook in multiple languages

You may have already seen the publication of a friend or even a famous person written in several languages.

Well, if you want to publish on Facebook in several languages, you can also do it.

What you have to do is the following, enter Facebook and go to Configuration> Language and here you activate “Multilingual posts”.

This option will allow you translate your posts into up to 45 different languages without having to make any effort or resort to an external translator.

Once you have activated this option write the message you want, which will appear in the language that you have configured by default.

Just below the default language you will see the option “Language> Select”.

This is where you can choose to publish your message in addition to Spanish, in any other language.

In this simple way, you can communicate with all your friends, no matter what language they speak.

Other options for companies

The option to publish on Facebook in several languages ​​within the same post is very useful when it comes to individuals and is also used by many elite athletes who target the Spanish-speaking market and the Anglo-Saxon market.

However, when it comes to companies that want to reach audiences in different places and with different languages, it may not be the best option.

In these cases it is recommended that the company have a profile for each country to which you want to go and write in each of them in the corresponding language.

This option, in addition to being simple, is free.

For those companies that invest in Facebook Ads there are other options to publish on Facebook in several languages ​​such as having a single page that segments your posts in multiple languages, so that users see the publication in the language that corresponds to where they are.

Post to Facebook in multiple languages

The importance of languages

Tools like the ones we have analyzed can help us get our messages to people who speak other languages, but this should not make us forget that nowadays it is important to try to master other languages.

If you want to learn other languages, don’t miss our recommendation of apps to learn to speak english.