Ferry business Via could add scooters to its line

Via, a shuttle-sharing service and platform that partners with cities in the US and Europe, it could soon add scooters to your business.

Via CEO and co-founder Daniel Ramot said on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin that the company is experimenting with the idea of ​​adding scooters as a complement to its ferry business.

“We are also adding scooters primarily, again, for our partner cities, where they are going to provide a holistic transportation solution as a public transportation offering for residents,” Ramot said.

Via’s consumer-oriented shuttles are located in Chicago, Washington DC and New York. The company also partners with cities and transport authorities, giving customers access to its platform to deploy their own ferries. For example, the Austin Metropolitan Transportation Authority uses the Via platform to power the city’s collection service. The Via platform is also used by Arriva. Bus UK, a Deutsche Bahn company for a first and last mile service connecting passengers from a high speed train station in Kent, UK.

Via has yet to launch scooters. But Ramot told TechCrunch backstage that Via is looking to launch scooters in Sacramento and is already in talks with city officials. The approach would be to add scooters in cities where it already has a presence. The scooters would not be launched without their main transportation business or platform, Ramot said.

Via is still very focused on building its ferry platform. “By the end of next year, Via wants to be in about 300 cities that power the public transportation system,” Ramot said.