FileMaker announces its Technical Network

“The old program didn’t appeal to as many people as it could,” says Keith Robinson (FileMaker vice president of sales, Americas and Asia). “Many people don’t think of themselves as professional developers, even though they use [FileMaker] for a professional developer. “

The Technical Network provides member users with online bookstores, in-depth information on a wide variety of development-related topics, such as web integration, linking to external data sources, and optimizing database performance. data. FileMaker Tech Talk offers a live discussion forum 7 days a week 24 hours a day, dedicated to helping FileMaker Pro users share their experience and tips in developing FileMaker database solutions, while licensing FileMaker Server Advanced Development is an inexpensive way to create and test FileMaker Pro-based solutions on the web.

The program also offers five free FileMaker applications (Recruiter, Tasks, Meetings, Donations and Work Requests), designed to manage different aspects of the day-to-day running of a business.

Users will also have access to previous FileMaker software and FileMaker Pro Design Packs to allow members to create better solutions more quickly.

The FileMaker Technical Network is priced at € 79 per year.