Film and TV Fourth film of The Godfather: everything you should know Many of us have spent a while for sure for others ...

Film and TV Fourth film of The Godfather: everything you should know Many of us have spent a while for sure for others …

Many of us have certainly spent some time being entertaining watching some of the Godfather moviesAnd yet it is possible that even in these times we cannot differentiate between them. For this reason, we believe that we were missing an article in which we talk a little about one of the most important sagas in history … like the launch of a quarter that few know.

Indeed, We have to mention in this sense that The Godfather is for many the best movie saga in history, and especially the first two of the three installments are rated as the best tapes of all time. To delve into his world, we have to say that it is the Godfather trilogy, three films that were directed by Francis Ford Coppola, with the assistance of the novelist Mario Puzo, who was the creator of this ineffable world, so to speak.

As we said then, The saga consists of three The Godfather films that are called in a very simple way, specifically The Godfather I, The Godfather II and The Godfather III, the first two being especially praised. They are some of the most important films in history, and their recognition has remained at the top of the American film world practically since their release.

In terms of Academy Awards, the enormous influence of The Godfather has also been proven, to the extent that the first film won three Oscars (best film, best actor for Marlon Brando and best adapted screenplay), and the second won six (Best film, best director for Coppola, best supporting actor for Robert De Niro, best adapted screenplay, best soundtrack and best artistic direction), in both cases out of a total of 11 nominations.

As we said at the beginning, The Godfather III was probably the least successful of the saga and in fact surely the one that had the least repercussion among the public and specialists Americans, who did not recognize him in the same way. A good example of this is that although it obtained seven Oscar nominations, it did not get any awards, not even with the incredible background of the previous ones.

The Godfather

The ever-present idea of ​​The Godfather IV

Beyond everything mentioned about the first three installments of the Godfather saga, we believe that many should know that for an enormous amount of time the possibility of releasing a fourth film in history has been considered. In fact, It is said that at the time of the death of its author, Mario Puzo, a fourth installment was being worked on which at that time was discarded.

The story goes that this fourth installment would also be directed by Francis Ford Coppola himself and would be produced by the Paramount Pictures studio, which was the same one that had participated in the three previous installments. The original idea behind the script for a potential The Godfather IV had to do with tell the story of the Corleones in the past and present, in a way similar to that of The Godfather II.

More here in time, it is clear that many North American production companies have wanted to launch The Godfather IV for their part, although the people of Paramount Pictures, which is the one that owns the copyright, have always denied that it was possible. In any case, both them and Francis Ford Coppola would have to be convinced of a fourth installment of The Godfather, something that now seems complicated.

Would you like a fourth installment of The Godfather? What do you think should happen in that potential fourth installment of The Godfather?