Film and TV Gandía Shore What happened to its participants? Gandía Shore premiered in 2012, this reality show was …

Gandía Shore premiered in 2012, this reality show was broadcast on MTV Spain and it was the adaptation of the American version Jersey Shore. On this occasion the lives of eight young people who spent the summer in Gandía were followed.

The program was not without controversy due to the behavior of the contestants, but despite this it managed to become one of the most successful of the year. After 14 episodes and three specials, the first season ended in February 2013.

The success of the program led to the planning of a second season that however never came out when MTV Spain left DTT to return to the digital platform, which meant a reduction in advertising revenue and therefore less money to invest in the program.


What happened to the boys and girls of Gandía Shore?

Of all the contestants of Gandía Shore without a doubt Ylenia She is the one who has best known how to earn a living within the world of fame. She is a regular on the Telecinco sets, having also participated in other reality shows such as Big Brother VIP 4, nor can she forget her foray into the world of song with the hit “Pégate”.

Labrador is another of the most popular contestants and is still closely linked to the world of reality shows. In these years we have seen him as a tronista in Women, men and viceversa and participated in the 2015 edition of Survivors.

Arantxa, “The queen of the platforms”, has not had as much fame after the program as other of her colleagues, but we have seen her on the cover of Interviú. On television he has had appearances in Survivors (2015) and in Mujeres, Hombres y Viceversa. She is one of the contestants on Super Shore.

Abraham He went through Survivors in 2014 and is currently still linked to MTV, participating in Super Shore. A new version of the program that brings together the participants of the Spanish version with the participants of the Mexican version (Acapulco Shore).


Stephen He has remained linked to the world of entertainment thanks to his participation in programs such as Summer Camp and his romantic relationships with celebrities. He is currently one of the participants in Super Shore, but he has also done some work as a model and has even walked the Cibeles catwalk.

Carnation (Alberto Clavel) He is one of the guys from Gandía Shore who has been seen the least after the program. He is currently away from the world of television and works as a DJ.

Core (Cristina Serrano) he has come to appear in Callejeros explaining the aesthetic operations to which he had undergone, he has also appeared on some occasion in Sálvame to explain his relationship with Ylenia.

Cat (Cristina Sánchez) is another of the participants who has left the world of entertainment behind. She has changed her appearance quite radically and now combines her job as a security guard with the extras as a waitress.

What do you think of the trajectory these boys / girls have followed?