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The union of Disney and Pixar has led to great films, but few characters have managed to become as famous among the smallest of the house as Lightning MCQUEEN.

The funny racing car and his friends will return to the big screen in the summer of 2017, ready to surprise adults and children with their new adventure.

Who is Lightning McQueen?

Lightning McQueen is the protagonist of the film Cars. It is a racing car made with the latest technologies and whose only goal is to win, but through his various adventures he will soon discover that there are more important things than competition.

With this argument, Cars came to the big screen in 2006, a few years later, in 2011, its sequel would arrive, Cars 2: A Spy Adventure.

The racing car soon became one of the favorite characters of children and although the film was released ten years ago, to this day the merchandising of this character is still among the most demanded.

lightning MCQUEEN

Cars 3 arrives in summer 2017

Cars is set to become a trilogy and Diney – Pixar have already confirmed that the Cars 3 premiere in theaters in the United States will be on June 16, 2017The date for the premiere in Spain has not yet been confirmed, although it certainly won’t take much longer, since summer is the peak time for parents to go to the movies with their children.

In Cars we will once again enjoy the popular red car and some of his friends like Mate, Sally or Ramón, but they will also arrive new characters. The most prominent addition is that of Cruz Ramirez, a young yellow racing car who will become Lightning McQueen’s new coach.

This time the challenge will be win the Jackson Storm raceAlthough for our old friend this time it will not be so easy to compete with race cars that incorporate the latest technology.

For many, Cars 2 was not as entertaining as the first, and yet the film garnered more box office sales than its predecessor. With Cars 3, the creators want to return to the origin of the saga and promise a film more similar in style to the one that was released ten years ago.

lightning MCQUEEN

The Chinese copy of Cars

While we wait for time to pass to see Cars 3, we can entertain ourselves with Autobots, the Chinese copy of Cars. On this occasion, no attempt has been made to hide too much that it is a copy and in fact the designs of the protagonists are almost traced to those of the Pixar film.

Of course, its creators claim that it is not a copy, since humans appear in the Chinese version, something that has been dispensed with in the Pixar version.

If you do not dare with Autobots, you can kill time with the 10 best movies ever or take a look at the 50 Shades Darker trailer, which has broken all records.

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