Flip4Mac supports VC-1 Advanced Profile

With Flip4Mac, Mac users can play various types of Windows Media Video files on their computers using QuickTime, since it is a codec that works in combination with Apple’s multimedia technology, and in this case is responsible for decoding the content Windows Media Video. Telestream also offers versions of Flip4Mac that allow Mac users to encode video directly in WMV format.

This version adds support for playing content from Windows Media 9 Advanced Profile, also called VC-1 Advanced Profile. This is the key component of Windows Media Video built as standard for HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Users of Flip4Mac WMV Studio Pro and Pro HD could already create Windows Media 9 Advanced profiles, but this new version allows Flip4Mac to reproduce advanced profiles created or imported by users.

In this new version, two-pass VBR encoding and MPEG-4 support for highly compressed content such as those captured by digital cameras have also been improved. Other changes include improved ASX handling.

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