Fred Anderson accuses Jobs of “Stock Options”

Through his lawyer, the former Apple CFO, Fred Anderson, has issued a statement in which he blames Steve Jobs for the delay in the Stock Options date for which several Apple executives were being investigated.

The authorities of the United States regulatory commission reached an agreement with Anderson to close the Stock Options case, which includes a fine of 3.5 million dollars, and shortly after the deal was officially announced, the attorney for the executive of Apple issued the statement on his behalf where Jobs is directly implicated. The authorities have also found Apple executive Nancy Heinen guilty.

In an internal audit, it was found that Jobs was aware of the date change in the call options, but it is alleged that he was not the one who advanced them and therefore did not do anything illegal.

Despite the charges against the two employees, the financial authorities have stated that Apple is now beyond suspicion and have expressed their gratitude to the company for its “prompt, extensive and extraordinary cooperation to clarify the case”, including the progress of an internal investigation, the sharing of its results with the authorities and the incorporation of new controls to prevent future fraud.