Freeverse publishes Big Bang Brain Games

Freeverse publishes Big Bang Brain Games

Big Bang Brain Games brings together a total of six “classic” games, including Sudoku, a kinetic puzzle called Reaction, a variation of the Minesweeper game called NovaSweeper, a concentration-type game called Remembrance, a game to test your spatial memory and ability to listen (called Echo), and the game Fallacy in which the ability to understand logical errors is tested.

Big Bang Brain Games has been compiled by developer Graveck Interactive using Unity, the engine for 3D game development.

Big Bang Brain Games also keeps track of progress and displays a graph of brain usage in response to performance and scores. It also allows you to publish a Web page in your .Mac account from the game itself, in which the scores obtained for each of the games are displayed.

The system requirements are Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, 600 MHz processor or higher, and a graphics card with 32 MB of RAM. Available as Universal binary, Big Bang Brain Games also works with GMA 950 graphics card-based Macs, such as Mac Mini and MacBook.