Gadgets How to install an HP printer easily A few days ago we talked about the installation of the famous cameras …

A few days ago we talked about the installation of the famous webcams or webcams on our computers, and we said that it is one of the main peripherals that we can keep synchronized with the PC, because they could give us a much greater utility of our equipment, something similar to what happens when we look especially in the case of HP printers.

Of course, we could say that this applies to any printer, but the truth is that installing HP printers is the most common point, since it is one of the most popular companies in the field. In this particular case, we have to say that installing an HP printer on the computer is easier than many suppose, although sometimes we could have certain problems.

For the aforementioned reasons, if this is the case to the extent that you just bought an HP multifunction printer, you have to know that there are some simple steps to get it working in minutes. The truth is that the installation process for most HP printers is similar despite the fact that some small details are modified, but in any case keep reading and you will see for yourself.


Installing HP printer on PC

The first thing we have to do then to install an HP printer, is remove it of course from the factory box in which it comes, removing all the rubber bands that protect it and that they could cause you certain problems. After that, we placed the top cover, and we removed all the packaging materials, in addition to locating the toner and extracting it, removing the security seals before coloring it again.

At that moment we move on, locating the paper tray if we intend to print something in the first instance, extending the guides of the lower tray so that the paper does not fall to the floor, sliding. We connect the printer to a nearby power source and turn it on, moment in which we are going to install the software of it, because otherwise the computer will not detect it.

Here we can usually find two equally valid alternatives: on the one hand, if the HP printer is new, it is likely that it comes with an installation CD of its drivers, or that it has the web address from where to take them. Otherwise, if it is a slightly older version, we may have to search the Internet to get the driversAlthough at the end of the day we would always have to find them.

Once you have installed the software on the computer, the system will indicate specifically when to connect the cable to the computer, with a message that will indicate the precise moment to place the USB cable between the two. Once we are done with this step by step, the usual thing would be that we restart both the PC and the HD printer, and that when doing so, both begin to work.