Gadgets How to Install Epson L355 Printers have had a great importance in the development of …

Gadgets How to Install Epson L355 Printers have had a great importance in the development of …

Printers have had a great importance in the development of computer science in the business field, but also at a private level. These devices manage to transfer documents or photographs that we have in digital format into physical format. The installation process for each printer is different and this time we are going to focus on the steps to install Epson L355.

From black and white to multifunction

Printers have evolved a lot over time. In their first years of history they were devices that were only capable of printing with black ink and without too much resolution.

With the passage of time these devices were improving remarkably and today it is possible to find multifunction printers that, in addition to printing, fulfill other functions such as a scanner and even operate as a fax machine.

Printers have even become specialized, as is the case with photo printers waves 3d printers. Apart from physical devices, software has also evolved, a good example is the virtual PDF printers.

Although at a professional level printers are still essential, at a private level there are many who have given up having a printer at home by not giving it too much utility. However, the printer is the only device capable of converting the files we have on our computer, mobile or tablet into a physical format, so, sooner or later, we will end up needing your services.

Install Epson L355

Install Epson L355

The Epson L355 is a multifunction printer suitable for both home use and professional use. The steps to install Epson L355 are as follows:

  • Insert the installation CD into your computer
  • Wait for the installation program to open, if we use the CD, it opens automatically
  • Follow the instructions given by the installation wizard
  • Once we have finished following the instructions, the installation of Epson L355 will begin. This operation can take a few minutes
  • Once the installation is complete, the wizard closes and the multifunction printer can now be used normally

Install Epson L355

If we do not have the printer installation CD or if our computer is of the latest generation and no longer has a CD reader, in these cases what we have to do is enter the website of Epson Y download drivers corresponding to the L355 model.

Once we have downloaded and installed the drivers, the installation wizard will appear and we will have to follow the same steps indicated above.

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