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As you surely know and have experienced, for a while the traditional 3G networks gave space to the 4G networks that we can enjoy more and more places around the world, and thanks to this, access a much faster connection speed than the previous generation. In any case, we can know that the main difference between 3G networks and 4G networks has to do directly with speed.But there are some other things that we think all of our readers should know.

In any case, this article is also important for those users who are not too involved in the world of mobile telephony, and that despite the innumerable number of advertisements in which they comment on the benefits of 4G over 3G, they do not they finish differentiating them. Many readers have been asking us about it recently, and the truth is that by now we can find that it is convenient to analyze, as carefully as possible, what there is to know about 3G and 4G.


Differences between 3G and 4G networks

The first thing we have to mention, because of course you have noticed that the G is repeated in both 3G and 4G, is that the G refers to the word generation, and therefore, it is the generation of technology that we are using in these cases. Beyond that, We must highlight in the same way that the first 3G mobiles began to be marketed in 2003, while we had to wait several years to be able to access the first 4G compatible smartphones.

Now, there is an issue that we must not fail to take into account in these cases, which is referred especially to the fact that right now, 3G has greater coverage than 4G, especially since these networks have been established throughout the world for a longer time. And although 4G is faster and probably all of us as far as possible will prefer to be connected to 4G, the truth is that in some circumstances we will have to be content with 3G.

If you are wondering if you should buy a smartphone with a 3G or 4G connection, you have to know about it that those who have the second type of networks are more useful for all those who want to download music, movies, and basically always be connected to the Internet. Now, if you use the phone more than anything to send and receive WhatsApp messages or check Facebook from time to time, you have to know that you will not need much more than that, and you could save some money.

Another no-minor detail that we think is important for all our readers to take into account is directly related to the fact that normally the consumption of 4G networks is much higher than that of 3G, which is more than enough reason to be checking askance This question. As long as you don’t need a high-speed connection, we recommend that you stay connected to 3G nothing more, which will suffice for most things.

Is a smartphone with 4G enough or do you only require 3G in your day to day?