Maria Montero

Google begins to roll out & # 039; Call screen & …

Google has started rolling out a feature for its Pixel smartphones that allows users to use the Google Assistant to see who’s calling and why before answering a call.

The Google Pixel 3 XL. Image: tech2 / Prannoy Palav

The feature allows users to view a real-time transcript of how the caller responds so that they can later decide whether or not to answer, respond by tapping a quick reply (for example, “I’ll call you later”), or dial The call as spam and dismiss.

“The call screen is only available to English speakers in the United States who have Pixel 2, 2 XL, 3 or 3XL devices. If you don’t see the call screen in the phone app settings, it is not available yet.” Google said.

The call screen, which can help users save time spent picking up unimportant calls from unknown numbers, does not use the user’s wireless connection or mobile data.

This function does not work with third-party screen recording and call recording applications, as these applications may interfere with the operation of the function. It’s best to disable these apps before using the call screen, according to Google.

“Sometimes the calling screen may not understand the caller. To ask the caller to repeat, the user should touch” I cannot understand “and the caller will hear,” it is difficult to understand in this moment. Could you repeat what you just said?

Phones on which the feature is available do not currently store call transcripts, but in the future you can view transcripts in call history, Google said, without mentioning anything about the feature’s global launch.