Google Earth Google Earth Pro works badly for you and doesn’t help you with your needs? This is the problem It may be that you are having problems with Google Earth Pro, they are …

You may be having trouble with Google Earth Pro, there are many users who are jumping errors, this happened since Google launched the latest version of Earth Pro which is This update was only maintenance, therefore you may notice differences if you are not to use it often, but in the event that if you use it frequently you will notice that two tools have received an improvement.


In theory this update it was to correct certain errors that in the end ended up affecting both Google Earth and Google Earth Pro. One of them was the accident they had when rearranging the elements in My Sites, although that is one of many that can be seen. However, one of the errors, 1603, which had to do with the installer, was solved.

The bad thing is that you can also see that there are many problems with Linux, including cache data inconsistency and RPM installation problems with directory permissions.

Not everything is bad in the update

It is true that the last update, which was carried out in September, with the fixes affected other things of Google Earth and Google Earth Pro, but you have to think about the problems that they solved. For example, now Mac users can rest easy as the startup errors causing problems have been fixed.


Now there is no need to go through the registration dialog anymore because it was deletedSince it’s been over a year now, you no longer need to register for a license. It has also introduced the new logos and removed some menu items like the Google Earth Community. 3D Connection driver support was updated on Mac and Linux, another good thing.

Google Earth Blog has noted that the launch of the latest version is a clear indication that Goolge Earth and Google Earth Pro it is of great interest to people and Google knows it. It is very good news for all those who use this program to locate establishments, but also for those who use it to measure areas and distances.

It is completely true that the corrections and improvements were received with open arms by many users, but even so, the errors and accidents that they had when doing it are highlighted. Even though We can be sure of one thing and that is that Google is working on solutions for these errors to release a new update faster.

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