Google How to Remove Google Anti-Theft Protection Step by StepMany users wonder if it is possible to remove anti-theft protection from …

Many users wonder if it is possible remove Google anti-theft protection and the truth is that yes. In this tutorial that we bring you today we are going to explain how to do it.

To begin, we will explain what Google’s anti-theft protection consists of. Today’s mobile phones have many security systems, but in the end nothing prevents a hard reset phone and the device is left ready for use by someone else.

However this is not so simple, Even after a hard reset, the phone still has an extra security measure, Google’s anti-theft protection.

If a thief has taken our phone and formats it with the intention of being able to use it again, they will find that before being able to put the mobile into operation the device asks them to enter the Google account password, otherwise the smartphone or tablet will not work.

The message that appears indicates: “This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google account that has already been synced on this device “.

This protection system is good, but it is not 100% effective.

Remove Google Anti-Theft Protection

To eliminate this security system there are two options that are not complicated to carry out. The first option consists of remove the Google account associated with the device manually, this is how a complete unlinking.

To do this, you have to go to Settings> Accounts> choose the Google account and within it go to Menu> Remove account.

The phone will then display a pop-up window informing us that Google’s anti-theft protection is going to be lost and will ask you to enter the security code or pattern on the screen to verify that you are the owner of the Google account you are trying to unlink.

Another option to remove Google’s anti-theft protection is enable developer options. To do this you have to go to Settings> About device and press between five and six times on the build number, since the developer options are usually hidden on Android devices.

Once the developer options have been activated, open them and remove the check on OEM Unlock. Then the mobile will ask us for the password to verify the identity and the Google anti-theft protection system will be eliminated.


What to do if my mobile has been stolen?

We advise you not to remove Google’s anti-theft protection, so in case your phone is stolen or lost, whoever has it will not be able to use it.

Losing the phone is very upsetting, in this situation it is advisable to immediately notify the operator to avoid being charged undue charges and then some measures can be taken to try that whoever has our phone does not access the information, some of those options are the lock by IMEI code or use some of the best applications to locate stolen mobiles.