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Many times it is necessary to eliminate some applications that are factory installed on our mobile not only because we do not use them but also all they do is take up space that can be useful for other things you want to install. Google Talk is one of those apps that you can eliminate and it will not cause any problems to the operating system in generalThis was integrated with Gmail in the beginning but is now integrated with Google Hangouts. So if you want remove Google Talk Android you just have to follow the steps that you will find later.


Why can’t it be uninstalled from settings?

In the event that you didn’t try cannot be uninstalled from Settings- Applications which is where the stop is normally forced, this is because hephone manufacturers and operators take the opportunity to add app to the system. They even seek to install game demos for this reason is that they cannot be removed the same as third-party apps.

The truth is that it may not be so easy to delete the factory applications since to begin your device must have root permissions (It is the administrator permission in the Android operating system). To eliminate Google Talk you just have to pay attention to the steps that you will find below and not if you follow them well then you will not have any problem.

How to remove Google Talk Android

As I told you before for remove Google Talk Android you will have to do a little more work but it is not that complicated.


1-Primeor you have to root your Android mobileIn case you don’t know how to do it, you can find a tutorial by following this link.

2- When you have the device rooted you will check if you have the Root permissions, downloading the Root Checker app which you can do if you follow the following link to the Play Store.

3-Once you have the rotated phone and the permissions you are going to download an application that is with which you can eliminate any application that is in the system. Root Uninstaller is the app that you will have to downloadLuckily you can also find it in the store, so just go here to download it.

4-When you already have the application installed, lYou have to open and go to the tab “System Applications” and search for Google Talk.

5-Finally you are going to click on Unistall to uninstall Google Talk from your mobile completely.

As you can see it is not so difficult to do it you only have to download two applications to do it, This way you won’t have any more apps that take up space and that you don’t use.

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