Google offers mobile access to calendars

Since more people have mobile phones than computers, it makes sense that they can consult the appointments created in their Google Calendars directly from their phones equipped with an Internet connection, as indicated by Google software engineer Devesh Parekh in a entry of his blog made last Thursday.

When users connect to Google Calendar through their mobile phone with an Internet connection, they can view appointments with date, time, location and description; all formatted so that it is easy to read on a small screen. Users can scroll through all daily events, as well as previous and next events.

Additionally, the new service provides a link to Google Maps to facilitate the search for addresses, as well as the option to create new entries. What is missing, however, is an option that allows you to change or delete current entries.

The new mobile service will be of interest to users of Google Calendar who use this service as their main planning tool, but who may find its use somewhat restrictive compared to the ability to synchronize calendars from Lotus Notes or Outlook through their computers.

Another aspect to take into account is the cost, since although the service itself is free, users must be online to use it.