Google Offers Small Business Search

The product, Custom Search Business Edition, adds to the growing portfolio of paid services aimed at the business. It is based on the Google Custom Search Engine, a free and ad-free product launched last October 2007 that allows searching within a predefined group of websites.

A key difference from the paid edition is that businesses can customize the search page with their own logo and color scheme. They can also modify the results by manipulating an XML file with the raw search results, in order to guide visitors through the products that the company wants to sell, for example.

The service is priced annually at $ 100 for websites with a maximum of 500 pages and $ 500 for a maximum of 50,000 pages.

The Custom Search Business Edition service uses the same index that Google uses to provide other search results, and in fact the search operations are carried out using Google’s own servers. To configure the service, customers must follow a configuration wizard and copy a small amount of code to their website. Once done, they can access a graph in which daily and monthly information on the use of the search engine and the search terms used by visitors is collected.

The service also provides an option for businesses that want to bring the power of Google search to their organizations without paying for more expensive products. The company already offers the Google Search Appliance, with a starting price of $ 30,000 for 500,000 documents, responsible for indexing material on file servers, content management systems, databases and other sources. It also offers the Mini Search Appliance service, with a starting price of $ 1,995 for 50,000 documents.

In addition to the Spanish language, Google’s Custom Search Business Edition service is available in German, Bulgarian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Czech, Korean, Croatian, Danish, Slovak, Finnish, French, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian , Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.