Google Photos doubles the limit for live albums

The number of photos and videos you can store in a private Google Photos live album has increased from 10,000 to 20,000, reports Android police, lining up the limit for private albums with the capacity for shared albums. The change was officially announced via an update made on a Google support page.

The 10,000 photos and videos sound like a lot, but the live album functionality meant you could hit that limit surprisingly quickly, especially since Google Photos offers users unlimited storage and automatic uploads. Live albums use Google’s object recognition technology to automatically identify specific people or pets and group them into an album. Since you’re not manually curating the media, albums can quickly fill up with every photo you’ve taken of your friends, children, or pets regardless of quality and for as long as you’ve photographed them.

The cure may still be warranted, but at least now you won’t be forced to do it as often before the dreaded “Live album paused” warning pops up. If you’re still reaching the limit, even with a 20,000 photo capacity, you can always create a second live album with the same settings as an overflow.