Google Play What is the Google Play Services Application for? One of the great advantages that Android has and that possibly …

One of the great advantages it has Android and that possibly made the Google it was the subject of the fragmentation of the system. Keep in mind that there are many different versions of Android, we all already know that. But in addition we also find a huge variety of manufacturers, all with different launcher, apps that are added, modifications of the operating system, etc. For this reason, among other things, each OS update It is borne by each manufacturer specifically for example and not by Google.

Google Play services“Would be the solution in a few words. As I said before, there are many manufacturers that take Android and begin to customize it, giving it unique things and creating different layers in the system. Imagine that taking into account that there are a large number of manufacturers, keeping some apps up-to-date can be a headache and generate errors on many devices.

In this way then what it achieves is that some applications are completely dependent on Google Play services, not counting the fact that all are updated to through Google Play.

In addition, this application works constantly on our device since what it does is check if there are new versions of different apps in general. In addition to obviously giving us all the Google applications such as Google Maps, Gmail, Wallet, etc.

Problems with Google Play Services

There are several users who have commented on some occasions that this app is the one that generates different problems on their mobile devices, making them slow and many other things. The truth is is an app that becomes essential to keep on our phone Therefore, it is highly recommended that you remove it from it for nothing in the world since even some apps may not work because they do not have Google Play Services installed.

Removing Services from Google Play

Obviously it can be eliminated of course yes. The issue is that you need to be a root user to be able to do it because you have to enter the system files and delete things from there, something that seems complicated, but in reality it is not at all. The point is that, as I told you before, it is essential to keep it on your mobile.

Another min order to recover said application is by doing a hardreset For example, the issue is that in this way we would lose all customizations, personal files (photos, videos) downloaded apps, etc. We leave the mobile as fresh from the factory and obviously with Google Play Services installed.