Google publishes Google Desktop for Mac

According to Rose Yao, Product Manager for Google Desktop for Mac, “We designed Google Desktop for Mac to be a complement to Spotlight. Google Desktop searches the user’s web history, and you can also configure it to search in Gmail ”.

Google Desktop also uses any of the Spotlight plug-ins that users may have installed on their systems. There is no need for developers to rewrite specific plug-ins for Google. The application also respects the Spotlight privacy list and will not search through such items.

The use of the fast searches of Google Desktop is similar to the execution of a Widget without the need to go to the Dashboard, according to Google. When you press the Command key twice, a small search window is displayed, and as soon as the first characters are entered Google will begin to show the results, whether it is a document or an application.

The results window shows the last 10 items that match the search. If you cannot find what you are looking for among those elements, you can click on a link located at the bottom of the results to see a complete list of all the elements found.

This action will open the browser selected by default and display a page that looks the same as the Google search page on the web. The results page shows the number of different types of documents found by Google Desktop. It also shows email results, the history of the website, files, audiovisual content and others.

The browser results page also includes a search box so that you can continue searching your hard drive. Of course, the option to search the web is also included.

If you go to the Google search page and you have Google Desktop installed then you will notice a new search criteria. “Desktop” has been added to the available options for Web, Pictures, News and Maps. If you do a search and click on Desktop, Google will show the local results.

Google representatives have indicated that no content is sent to Google during the search. Additionally, Google does not see or record the results obtained by Google Desktop without permission; and if you still have any questions you can deactivate the integration option in the preferences.

Google Desktop can also help you find deleted files. According to the company, Google Desktop creates cached copies of files and other items every time you view them, storing these copies on your Mac’s hard drive. Therefore, you can use Desktop to find previous versions of your files or those that you have. accidentally erased.