Google supports the Mac in its AJAX tools

Google has released the Mac version of its AJAX Google Web Toolkit 1.2 software. The company has also updated available versions of the software for Windows and Linux systems. The software enables Mac developers to create and debug AJAX sites using Google software.

According to Bret Taylor, Senior Product Manager for Developer Tools at Google, “Mac support has been our most requested enhancement.”

The Google Web Toolkit is a Java development framework that makes it easy to develop AJAX applications like Gmail.

According to Bruce Johnson, Technical Lead at Google, “We are very proud of this particular feature as GWT is now platform independent so you can develop on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X and publish for IE, Firefox, Safari and It operates on any platform without the need for you to make any special code modifications. “

Google claims that the software is much faster at debugging code, getting some third parties to design new tools to use with the Google Web Toolkit, such as JetBrains, Instantiations, and Wirelexsoft.