Gorilla Glass 4 Will survive up to 80% of 1 meter drops

One of the most important components of any smart phone (if not the most) is its screen. It is practically the only means of interaction we have with the phone, so a failure on the screen usually means the death of it (at least while it is being repaired).

Gorilla Glass 4

the worst nightmare of every fall … the broken screen

Corning is the world’s leading brand in the development of glass displays for mobile devices, and its Gorilla Glass product line is definitely one of the benchmarks when it comes to touchscreens. It is very likely that the equipment we are currently using has one of the versions of Gorilla Glass, which are characterized by being very resistant to shocks and scratches and the most viable substitute for sapphire screens, which were widely mentioned as possible components of the iPhone 6.

Gorilla Glass 4

Drop test at 1 meter

Well now Corning has informed the media that it is about to release the fourth version of its product. Gorilla Glass 4 would be a repowered update of the best touchscreens, which, according to the tests that have been carried out with falls from one meter high on rough surfaces such as pavement, has a survival rate of up to 80%.

We have all once dropped the cell phone and seen it in the air in slow motion hit the ground face down, and then pray to God that the screen survived the fall. Well, according to the creators of Gorilla Glass 4, this could be one less concern when dropping the cell phone. Hopefully that is the case, and that in 2015 we will see many terminals on the market with version 4 of this fabulous product.

So the next time you are buying a cell phone, it would be good not only to look at the processor or RAM, but also at the version of Gorilla Glass that it incorporates.

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