Graphispag 2007 begins, the meeting point of the graphic industry

High expectations

The organization plans to summon a total number of visitors that will exceed 52,000. According to Xavier Pascual, director of Graphispag 2007: “The investment decisions of many companies are taken in the show, where the entire graphic chain is represented. Hence the high business expectations of the exhibitors, as the fair acts as a catalyst for the market ”.

This year’s edition is strongly marked by technological advances and that have led industries to carry out a constant renewal of their professional equipment park, in order to adapt to the increasingly important demand and diversification of services that it is being produced.

Traditionally, the sectors that arouse the greatest interest in Graphispag have been printing machinery and handling and finishing. However, the sector that has experienced the greatest growth is that of Graphispag_digital, which brings together those equipment and graphic products with a greater technological evolution linked to prepress, workflows, graphic software or digital printing, as well as screen printing and pad printing. . The Graphispag_digital sector accounts for almost 35 percent of the exhibitors.

Informative activities

The fair’s character as a meeting point and discussion forum will be strongly reinforced thanks to the large number of seminars, related conferences, congresses and technical seminars, as well as the planned cultural exhibitions and the large number of parallel events to be held. together with this year’s exhibition and that will allow the visitor to feel an active part of it.

Among the meetings, those dedicated to color management, digital printing or workflow stand out. To complement these parallel events, up to four cultural exhibitions will be held in the “Design Point” space within the room itself.


Tuesday, February 20 (10:15 to 13:30)

Graphispag_digital Congress. Color management and standardization

Room 3.2. Hall 3.

An opportunity to study the development and implementation of color management. The session will focus on the technical knowledge required for good color management, with an exchange of experiences from prepress companies and the research of a paper company that studies the topic of ICC profiles from the point of view of paper.

(12:00 to 14:00) Design Day. Designer, Printer, Client: Who is the culprit?

Room 3.1. Hall 3.

Round table where the relationship between the agents involved in the graphic chain will be analyzed in order to achieve the best results in printed products.

(15:15 to 18:30) AIDO Conference: Color standardization according to ISO 12647-2: Steps to follow.

Room 3.2. Hall 3.

Sessions to learn about the advantages of standardization in printing and the guidelines to follow to achieve greater homogeneity. It is aimed at the graphic communication sector, creatives and designers, prepress and offset printing professionals.

Wednesday, February 21

(10:00 to 13:30) Congress graphispag_digital: JDF: From creation to logistics, a common language.

Room 3.2. Hall 3.

Focused on JDF (Job Definition Format) format, a standard that allows optimization of resources in the graphic process, with control from creation to logistics. It will be attended by world experts in PDF belonging to the international group GWG.

(10:00 to 14:00) Seminar – workshop: Digital printing without problems

Room 3.3. Hall 3.

To know the tools with which to optimize production, ensure its quality, evaluate costs and correctly budget for digital printing jobs.

(12.00 to 13.30) PIRA Conference: Current trends in the printing industry and drivers of change.

Room 3.4. Hall 3.

Conference organized by Gremi d’Indústries Gràfiques de Catalunya where Neil Falconer, from PIRA International, will expose current trends in the graphic industry market and the keys to the change that conventional businesses are experiencing.

Thursday, February 22

(10:00 to 13:30) Day of Digital Printing in medium and large format, screen printing and pad printing.

Room 3.2. Hall 3.

To learn about the new applications of digital printing systems in medium and large format, as well as the possibilities of improving the screen printing product with existing techniques, among other topics.

(16:00 to 18:00) Congress graphispag_digital: Seminar on digital printing

Room 3.2. Hall 3.

Technology seminar focused on the large format market. To know how the different available technologies favor or limit graphic, commercial and industrial applications.

Friday 23 February

(10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.) Training Day: Systems, materials and didactic means for training in graphic arts

Room 3.3. Hall 3.

In this training session, the didactic material generated by training centers and manufacturing companies will be analyzed and experiences will be exchanged on the use of modern media in the teaching of graphic arts. To update knowledge and exchange experiences on the use of different media in graphic training.

(11:00 to 13:00) Sonimagfoto Conference: digital printing for the photographic market

Room 3.2. Hall 3.

Organized by the Fira de Barcelona Sonimagfoto Hall, it will show how digital printing opens up new business opportunities to the image and photography sector. It is an excellent opportunity to get a current view of the convergence that has emerged between digital photography and laboratories.

Saturday, February 24

(10:30 to 14:00) Youth Conference on graphic communication

Audience. Hall 1.

Aimed at university students and second cycle vocational students who want to know the factors involved in the design and printing of graphic products.

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