Griffin unveils its new collection of iPod cases

The Reflect Case for iPod Video and Nano is priced at 25 and is made of reflective polycarbonate which allows it to hide the iPod screen in normal lighting conditions, but when the screen is turned on it is visible again through the tinted case .

The Centerstage for iPod video model offers a mirror finish and features a clamping system that allows you to position the iPod vertically for comfortable video viewing. Like the Reflect model, it is made of a material that hides the screen when it is turned off and shows it when it is activated. It costs $ 25 and includes an aluminum base.

The iClear Photo cases for iPod video and nano are priced at $ 25 and $ 20 respectively. They are made of transparent polycarbonate and on the back allows a photograph to be placed to personalize the player.

For its part, the Trio Plus case for iPod nano is a system that allows you to protect the iPod nano in three different ways by applying different accessories. It is made of leather and can be obtained in different colors. Its price is 30 dollars.

For its part, the California Roll model is a roll-up case with three independent compartments that allows you to protect the iPod while carrying headphones and other accessories. One compartment is for the iPod and another for accessories, it costs $ 20.