Happn How to get credits in Happn in the fastest and safest way If you are one of those people who is not afraid of …

If you are one of those people who is not afraid to register on a site to meet people then you have to have Happn. The application that allows you to meet the people you have crossed on the street, a while ago I wrote a little about it although I should already write an article only about this page and app to tell you everything you need to know.

But we better not leave the subject, this time I love you how can you get credits in Happn. The truth is that despite the fact that it is a free app and you only have to have an Internet connection, it reaches a point where you have to have Happn credits in order to have more opportunities to meet the people you saw.

It is quite annoying to have to be collecting credits and it has happened to all of us, not only with this app but with games or other things. As I know how stressful it can be, I have brought you this trick with which you can get credits in Happn, but before telling you what you have to do I will tell you a little more about it.

Happn, the best application to meet people

Actually Happn is a pretty fun app when you go looking for people, Why? Because you can have access to the profile of those people that you have been crossing in the street to be able to have a conversation and thus know each other. Every time you walk and come across someone who has the app, their profile will automatically appear to see if you want to meet them or not.

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The way to use it is quite simple to tell the truth, every time you find a person you like, you will like him. The best of all is that that person will not know anything unless they also give you a like, this is reciprocal so if you both like each other you will be able to start a conversation to become acquaintances, a partner or friends.

Luckily the likes are not the only thing it has, too you can send greetings when a like is not reciprocatedThis is more than anything for that person to take you into account in case I do not see your profile. But this option is only valid for users who are constant, therefore To be able to use the Greeting you will have to have credits.


How to get credits in Happn

So I’ll go on to explain how you can get those credits to be able to send greetings and have other benefits. The truth is that it is quite simple, you only have to do some things that will take you very little time.

  • If you connect the account to Facebook you may earn some credits
  • If you connect to Spotify you will earn credits for sure
  • Improving the profile will help you obtain certain benefits
  • The more like you get, the more you will earn credits
  • Invite your friends to be part of this network and they will reward you with 5 credits.
  • If you review the app, they will also give you credits
  • When you create the account they already give you 5
  • Like their Facebook page and they’ll give you five credits

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