Harman Kardon unveils Drive + Play 2

Drive + Play 2 now has a wireless control button that makes its installation in the car much more comfortable, it also offers a color screen (previously it had a grayscale screen).

The unit recognizes the current song selection, playlists, songs available in the library of a particular artist, selected albums or genre.

For greater safety at the wheel, Drive + Play 2 offers a voice system that allows the user to listen to the menus while navigating through the different options of the kit.

It has a Bluetooth adapter and microphone that allows its use as a hands-free, uses A2DP technology to listen to streaming music from mobile phones using Bluetooth technology.

The Drive + Play 2 will be available from Spring 2007 and will be priced at $ 399.95.

Web: www.harmankardon.com.