HeadFoams the hearing aids for children created by a Colombian

One of the technological items that I have always considered very fragile, are hearing aids. These come in all possible price ranges, but almost all have the peculiarity of being relatively fragile and not passing the ultimate test, that is, surviving at the hands of a child.

HeadFoams hearing aids for children

HeadFoams can be twisted

Many are hearing aids that have succumbed to the mischievous little hands of an infant, and that is why Juan David Galindo, a Colombian student at ICESI University in the city of Cali, developed them during his internship semester at Marblue an American company of technology products, one hearing aids for children called HeasFoams.

HeadFoams hearing aids for children

The HeadFoams, as their name suggests, are headphones made with a foam rubber similar to that used in the manufacture of Crocs shoes (also known as EVA), which gives them surprising resistance and flexibility when making them, according to their manufacturer. , virtually indestructible. The HeadFoams can be twisted in all directions, they can be pulled in opposite directions and they will always return to their original shape without breaking or being damaged.

HeadFoams were the best-selling children’s item for the month of December on Amazon; you can buy one directly in the following link

Parents are definitely going to be very grateful for a couple of these, because their little ones are not only not going to damage them quickly as it happens with traditional hearing aids, but they are also going to be protecting their little ears, because the HeadFoams come equipped with a volume limiter, capped at 85 decibels maximum, which is a volume level listed as safe for children; additionally they bring a foam adapter for those with smaller heads.

HeadFoams hearing aids for children

Design with an adapter for the smallest heads

The HeadFoams were winners of the global Good Design Award, given by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

Since its launch, the company has received many positive reviews and so much has been the sales success of the product that it has already been patented. Its price in stores like Amazon is around $ 30And while they might seem a bit pricey for kids’ headphones, this might be the first and only pair you buy for your little one until they reach their teens.

HeadFoams hearing aids for children

Volume limiter to protect children’s ears

From Un Geek In Colombia I send my congratulations to this creative from Cali who fills us with pride for his achievements.

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