Hitachi introduces two “hybrid” camcorders with recording on DVD and hard disk

The DZH500A is capable of recording onto optical discs in DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, and DVD + RW formats. It also has a 30x optical zoom, an SD memory card slot for storing still images, as well as a 30 GB capacity hard drive. The lowest-performance model, DZHS300A, has a 25x optical zoom, an SD memory card slot to store still images, and the hard drive capacity is 8GB.

In both cases, the camcorders can download the stored content, both on the hard drive and on a mini-DVD, directly onto the Mac through a USB 2.0 port. They also allow you to transfer the contents saved on your Mac’s hard drive to a mini-DVD disc in your camcorder. In addition to the above, these models stand out, according to the manufacturer, for being able to start up in just one second and have resolution image processing, among other features.

For the first model, the DZH500A, its suggested retail price will be $ 800, while the DZHS300A camcorder will cost $ 600. In both cases, the products will go on sale from April.