HP 6-Color 96-Bit Photo Scanners

HP 6-Color 96-Bit Photo Scanners

Both feature a technology that separates the image into six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan and blue) to reproduce a more vivid color and obtain more realistic images than standard three-color scanners.

Each of the six colors sampled at 16 bits per pixel, which combined results in 96-bit images with a resolution of 4,800 x 9,600 pixels. They use HP Real Life technologies to correct the effect of “red eye”, restore colors that have lost their intensity with the passage of time and bring out the details in the darkest areas thanks to the “Adaptive Lighting” option.

The scanners incorporate advanced scratch and dust eraser options, allowing these defects to be automatically removed before the images are edited on the Mac. They scan in two passes, in a first pass (with the standard lamp) the image information, and another pass with an infrared LED creates a map of defective areas (scratches / scuffs), which are subsequently removed.

Both models are optimized for scanning Kodachrome and Ektachrome slide films and include special adapters for this. In addition to this, the HP Photosmart G4050 has a transparent media adapter for scanning negatives. As well as a module to scan sixteen 35 mm slides and thirty 35 mm frames, plus two medium format frames and one 10 x 13 cm.

Both scanners incorporate four buttons for direct access to functions such as scan, scan film, copy and scan to PDF, for easy operation. The HP Scanjet G4010 and HP Scanjet G4050 will be available starting this month at a price of € 149 and € 199 including VAT, respectively.

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