Huawei could consider Russain-fork of Sailfish OS as its alternative …

Huawei could consider Russain-fork of Sailfish OS as its alternative …

From time Google cuts ties with Huawei after the US trade ban, the Chinese company would have been working on its own mobile operating system. Is being called HongMeng OS and also ARK OS Based on a brand filing, and claims to be 60 percent faster than Android. However, there is a new report saying that Huawei might be considering a Russian fork of the open source Sailfish operating system, called Aurora OS, for its upcoming devices.

Jolla Sailfish OS on Sony smartphones.

the news come from The bell stating that Huawei’s CEO Guo Ping had a discussion with Konstantin Noskov, Russia’s minister of digital development, communications and media. Both were reported to have discussed the possibility of using Sailfish OS on Huawei devices, and that the company has already started testing their devices with Aurora OS.

For the uninitiated, Sailfish OS is an open source Linux-based mobile operating system. It was created by the developers who worked on Nokia’s MeeGo operating system, now defunct. Its advantage was that everything was open source, unlike Android where only the basic framework called Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is open source, while the software on top of it is not. This meant that anyone with the Sailfish OS source code could do whatever they wanted.

Sailfish OS ‘standout features include privacy and a different gesture-based user interface that makes it a bit easier to navigate. It is also compatible with Android, but they need to be transferred manually, which can be solved with a new and dedicated app store.

It is not yet known whether Huawei uses the Sailfish operating system or its own HongMeng operating system, as the company has not officially confirmed anything. However, what we do know is that a new alternative to Android will surely be announced by the Chinese company for its future devices.

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