Huawei How to fix a wet Huawei P9 and P9, radio and easy We cannot deny that over the years the …

We cannot deny that over the years mobile devices have become increasingly resistant to all kinds of damage, best of all, many of them are now water and dust resistant. Water is precisely the number one enemy of mobile devices and on many occasions, even if we have the most resistant phone of all, no matter how much we take all precautions, water is capable of seeping everywhere.

Fix Huawei Wet

Evidently the water and electronic products are not carried not at all good, there is a kind of quite deep enmity between them and, therefore, it is better not to join them under any kind of circumstance. But the truth is that every so often we can have an accident, perhaps your mobile fell into the toilet or while you were on the street you tripped and just ended up in a pool of water, the possibilities are many, but the way save your Huawei P9 from water are few.

Repair Huawei P9 Wet

There are a few things to keep in mind, it barely got wet make sure you remove the battery, to remove everything, the SIM, the microSD, absolutely everything and do not put it on for anything in the world, for a long time, do not think about turning it on in any way because you will end up damaging all the circuits even more and there is no turning back.

It is important to give the mobile phone several days for it to dry completely, it will not dry in a few hours and it is also better to be safe on this issue than to regret. A very useful trick so that all the moisture is absorbed is undoubtedly to use rice, put the phone in a bowl full of rice and leave it there for several daysYou will see how the moisture is completely absorbed.

In case you have doubts regarding whether the phone is actually dry or whether it will continue to work without problems, what you should do is take it to a specialized technical service, unfortunately the method that I mentioned before to fight against humidity, against water in your Huawei P9 Lite It may or may not work, the way to make sure we have our mobile working perfectly is simply by taking it to a specialized technical service so that they can repair it 100%, although in many cases there may be sequelae.