Huawei How To Fix Huawei Y220 Crazy Screen. Easy and Fast Everyone at some point has had a phone that started …

At some point we have all had a phone that began to fail because it was bad from the factory or because it had a blow, depending on the problem there is almost always a solution. Keep in mind that if the problem is software and you have average knowledge on the subject, you may be able to solve it yourself, as it is in this case with the Huawei Y220 crazy screen.


So how i told you there is always a solution for everything so if you Huawei Y220 It has the crazy screen I will tell you how you can fix it quickly and easily. Later you will find more than one solution since the first option may not work, but rest assured that one of the three will be useful.

First Solution: Huawei Y220 touch repair

On various occasions it usually happens that the touch fails therefore it is recommended to adjust itThe good thing about this device is that it is quite easy to disassemble so you will not have problems in adjusting the touch.

1-The first thing you have to do is remove the phone cover and find a screwdriver that fits the little screws that hold it all together.

2-Then you will remove the screws and remove them.

3-When you are already on the mobile plate, you have to remove the tab.

4-Then you will remove all part of the touch since what you are going to do is work with that part. What follows after is put a piece of paper well folded in the corner where the touch circuits are located.

5-Lo The last thing you have to do is put everything as it was, this option can help you fix a large percentage of the crazy screen problem.

Second Solution: Remove the MicroSD

It may seem like a pretty simple solution, but many times with only removing the SIM and MicroSD could solve that problem of the crazy screen that your mobile has. To do this you first have to turn off the phone, then remove the cover and remove the memory card and SIM. Since you have the mobile open you should also remove the battery for a few seconds, then put everything back in its place and turn it on to see if the problem is solved.


Third Solution: Change the original screen

In case you want to change the screen because you already tried with the first two options and it did not work, I recommend that you do it for the original one. Alternatives many times increase the crazy screen problem since they are not compatible with the mobile digitizer.

Any of these three options should help you to fix Huawei Y220 crazy screen And in the event that this is not the case, you should consult the technician or directly buy a new device.

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