Huawei How You Can Increase the Internal Memory of the Huawei Y220 The Huawei Y220 is one of the many mobiles that Huawei…

The Huawei Y220 It is one of the many mobile phones that Huawei has launched on the market in 2013. But despite being a few years old today it is still widely used, however, due to the large number of applications and updates that have been launched. internal memory is affected considerably. But don’t worry, here we will tell you how you can increase the internal memory of the Huawei Y220 and thus improve its performance.

The vast majority of users of this mobile with Android has very basic applications such as Facebook Y WhatsApp, which despite being basic are the ones that consume the most space on the mobile. However, there is a lighter version of Facebook you can get here.

How to increase the internal memory of the Huawei Y220

This mobile only comes with 512MB of space in the internal memory, so it is necessary to completely uninstall Facebook from the Settings menu -> Applications and replace it with the version mentioned above.

Facebook Lite

If you want download Facebook Lite you can do it directly from Google play since it is also an official and free version launched by this great social network. Besides saving space it also helps save battery and mobile data.

Free up WhatsApp space

WhatsApp is another application that consumes a lot of space in the internal memory of these devices. Although there is no Lite version, it is possible free up the space left by duplicate files that are not in use found in the WhatsApp folder. A quick fix for this is download the WhatsApp Cleaner application from this link, which what it does is delete these junk files.

Download a Memory Optimizer

Another great option that is available for Android it is download Clean Master Lite, since this application also helps to remove all junk files from system, thus freeing up a significant amount of space on the mobile.

Install a microSD

Another excellent option is add a 32GB microSD memory card which is the most compatible that can be installed on this device. It is highly recommended to install one, especially to move as many applications as possible to the card and thus free up space. Also important set the camera to save videos and photos to the microSD by default, so your mobile will have more space available.

As you will see, there are several ways to increase the internal memory of the Huawey Y220You just have to have a little patience and apply each of the methods that will surely work for you.