Huawei Increase the speed of Huawei G510, the best tricksWhen we acquire a new mobile everything is good sensations, but …

When we acquire a new mobile, everything is good feeling, but as time goes by, the device does not go as fast as at the beginning and we are forced to look for different tricks and tricks to get the phone to work as well as it did before. start. If this is your case, don’t miss our tips for increase the speed of Huawei G510.

Do a device cleaning

Sometimes accumulated too many things on our device, the cache fills up and the applications leave some traces even when we delete them. The best thing in these cases is to use an application that helps us clean the mobile well.

On this occasion our recommendation is Clean Master (Optimizer), it can download from the Google Play Store for free. The app helps us to optimize our phone through an exhaustive analysis, also working quickly and intuitively.

Clean Master control the temperature by cooling the device when necessary and stopping the applications that are causing the overheating; helps clean junk files, works as antivirus; works as an application manager and is also an optimizer for both the device and the CPU.

Increase the speed of Huawei G510

Other tricks to increase the speed of Huawei G510

In addition to optimizing the phone, there are other actions that we can carry out such as decrease the number of apps on the home screen. If the home screen has two or three sections of applications, it is normal for the phone to slow down. It is best to leave only the most used applications on this screen.

Other options are avoid widgets, uninstall apps we don’t use Y move apps to microSD to prevent them from taking up storage space on your device.

The launchers they are also a cause of slowdown of the phone, so if we notice that it goes too much lens, it is better go back to Huawei interface.

Make a Huawei G510 faster through ROOT

To the root a mobile we acquire greater control over it, being able to access those options that the manufacturer has limited to users.

Once we have SuperUser access on our Huawei G510, what we can do is remove pre-installed apps, which are taking up space on the device and helping to slow it down. In addition, they are usually applications that users do not give any type of use.

Nowadays rooting a mobile phone is much easier than it may seem, there are even applications like Root Master that can help to root a large part of the mobiles that are currently on the market.

Increase the speed of Huawei G510

Format the mobile

If the tricks we have given you so far are not enough for you, there is another more drastic option. That of format the mobile or reset to factory settings.

Is about completely erase all the information on the mobile, leaving it exactly the same as it was when we took it out of the box.