I-Station 9, iPod speakers with additional functions

I-Station 9, iPod speakers with additional functions

It is a speaker system with radio, clock and alarm clock (with built-in speakers) that allows you to recharge and tune your iPod. It has an AM / FM radio receiver, iPod dock connection and backlit LCD screen with clock. The alarm clock section includes the possibility of waking up with the music stored on the iPod, with the radio or an acoustic indication. It also has “snooze” (snooze) and “sleep” (alarm timer) functions.

It has a dock connector, which makes it compatible with any iPod with this type of connector. It is accompanied by a remote control, stereo cable for connection with other audio devices including iPod Shuffle, MP3 players, etc. and it will be available in black or white.

As confirmed by Herederos de Nostromo, this multifunctional system for iPod will be priced at 120 EUR (VAT included) and will be available from the end of this month.

Contact: Heirs of Nostromo. Tel .: 91 144 06 60. Web: www.hnostromo.com.