Increase the Wi-Fi coverage range of your iMac

According to the manufacturer, Quicky can improve wireless performance up to 10 times compared to the Wi-Fi connectivity system installed as standard in iMac. It docks to your computer via a USB port and you don’t need to disconnect wireless connectivity from your iMac. It includes a power adapter, although the device can be powered directly from a USB connector.

Quicky has 4 status indicators (LEDs) and shows the status it is in by means of indicator lights: for data transmission and reception, power on and connection status.

It can be easily docked on top of an iMac screen and connected to one of the rear ports of the computer using an extension USB cable. It supports all IEEE 802.11b / g networks as well as AirPort and AirPort Extreme. You do not need any additional drivers or need to install any additional software on your Mac for its operation. Quicky’s price is $ 225.