InDesign CS3: an evolution in design

As Chad Siegel, Senior Product Manager at InDesign, told Macworld USA, “We wanted to be able to respond to key trends by improving design, multi-media incorporation, personalized publishing, and improved productivity.” .

InDesign CS3 incorporates several productivity-enhancing features, including multiple file placement, expanded quick apply, improved Find and Replace, and others aimed at eliminating tasks. repetitive. Other features like Table and cell styles also allow users to quickly format the entire contents of a table or apply layouts to a particular region, such as headings or folios.

As a replacement for the “Package for GoLive” feature in CS2, InDesign CS3 incorporates the ability to export for Dreamweaver CS3 based on XHTML standards, thus allowing content to be used for web publishing. The XGML export feature for Adobe Digital Editions enables InDesign CS3 users to directly generate dynamic content for reading and managing digital publications in the new Adobe Rich Internet Application.

The addition of automatic bullet and numbering and text variables gives users the tools to create and maintain design consistency across large documents. You can now also automatically generate page layouts with formatted text and graphics by applying rules to imported content in XML format.

According to Siegel, “We continue to evolve as the industry changes, as do the expectations of our users.”

With Creative Suite 3 Photoshop has become a core technology, which means it can be accessed from other applications. InDesign users can now use Photoshop visual effects like bevel, gloss, color blend modes, opacity, and other options without ever leaving InDesign.

“We don’t want to be complacent with ourselves, which leads us to strive to continue being the best at page composition,” Siegel says. “One of our main goals is that people who have switched to InDesign will never, never regret it.”

Created as a Universal binary application, InDesign CS3 undergoes a battery of 600 benchmarks each day. Adobe has stated that performance has seen significant improvements.

“The changes in performance have been dramatic,” says Siegel. “We have not limited ourselves to porting the application, but have invested a great deal of time in improving the efficiency of the code so that it also offers higher performance.”

Adobe InDesign CS3 and Adobe InCopy CS3 will be available in April 2007 for users in the United States and Canada. Adobe InDesign CS3 will have a guide price of $ 699, and Adobe InCopy CS3 will have a guide price of $ 249. Adobe InDesign CS3 Server will also be available to qualified partners throughout the second quarter of 2007.