Instagram Stories Instagram Stories. All you need to know[appbox appstore ]Instagram like any application that is respected from time to time …

[appbox appstore ]Instagram, like any application that respects itself, from time to time begins to leave us quite interesting updates and above all, adding options that can make our lives a little easier. In this case Instagram Stories They are the last thing we have seen of this social network of photos and videos.


What are Instagram stories for?

They are actually quite simple, but at the same time interesting since what they do is that we can add either photos or videos obviously but that last a maximum of 24 hours. The photos or videos are then deleted when 24 hours have passed since they were published, it is a good option when you want to upload some kind of content that you do not need to keep in your profile but if you need to show something to all your contacts.

Where do the stories appear?

Possibly you already noticed it and you even had no idea that those were the “Instagram stories” are the circles that we see at the top as soon as we open the application, we are going to see the last ones that our friends have uploaded. In case that person uploads several photos or videos, If you don’t touch anything, it automatically changes every few seconds, as a small bar at the top is “loading”. Now if you slide your finger to the left you can see the next friend with some kind of seasonal material. Remember that these photos are deleted after 24 hours, although you could easily download them to your mobile.

instagram stories

If you want to see the Instagram stories of a specific profile, you just have to enter it and then simply click on its photo and you will be able to enjoy the temporary content that you have decided to share.

Comments… no, private messages.

You cannot comment on stories, at least not for now and what happens every time we send a comment is that we use Instagram direct, which is in a nutshell a kind of private messagesAlso, keep in mind that once the photo or video is deleted, those comments are also deleted.

Post photos or videos

It is not too complicated either, you should only enter your own profile and then look at the top, on the left, for the + sign. In this way then you will be able to take a photograph or even record videos, but these cannot exceed 15 seconds in duration.

What use is it?

It depends, it all depends, the song said, the truth is that they are simply used for that, for share some kind of content that you don’t want to be on your profile. Maybe you are in some kind of event and maybe later at home you can normally upload pictures of it already edited and with a better image. In short, it is one more thing that we can use on Instagram to keep our contacts informed of what we do without having to fill our profile with photos and videos that may not look good or do not have a good quality.

In any case, if you don’t have Instagram, it’s not too complicated to install it on your mobile device.