Intel accelerates the introduction of its quad-core chip

Intel is shipping the Xeon 5335 processor two months ahead of schedule, adding to the quad-core 5300 series of processors.

The four cores, which allow the microprocessor to perform up to four functions simultaneously, were presented by Intel last November. The 5335 is a 2 GHz processor with a 1.333 GHz front end bus and 8 MB Level 2 cache. The front end bus is the connection between the central processing unit and the cache memory. The list price of the 5335 is $ 690 when purchased in quantities of 1,000 or more.

The new processor sits on top of the 5320 model, whose features offer a speed of 1.86 GHz with a 1.066 GHz front-end bus and which is also priced at $ 690; and below the 5345, which offers a speed of 2.33 GHz and a 1.333 GHz front-end bus for a price of $ 851.

All three processors run at 80 watts, compared to the 120 and 130 watts required by high-end 5300 series processors.

The 5335 will be used primarily in servers and workstations from manufacturers such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics and IBM. The chip is a quad-core version of the dual-core processor used by Apple in the Mac Pro.