Intel Introduces High Performance Graphics Processor for Upcoming Intel Macs

Intel’s new bet is called GMA 965 and it is a graphics solution that will be integrated into the next Intel Mac from June. It was incorporated into the MacBook and Mac mini, so the problem suffered by the current models of these ranges would be solved in the models put on sale from that date.

The current graphics system built into the MacBook and Mac mini, the GMA950, is limited in that it requires the use of pixel shading and pixel rounding. These two functions are required by the latest generation 3-D games and applications, so this graphical limitation is associated with this type of software.

Intel officials have unveiled the new GMA 950 during the Game Developers Conference fair, indicating that it is a much more efficient system that, among other things, offers lower power consumption. At the same time, they indicated that they have resolved the performance issue with support for T&L technology for which they will offer drivers on their website shortly.

To corroborate their claims, they demonstrated the new graphics chip using the game Call of Duty 2 for Windows (Aspyr has not yet converted the game), achieving between 50 and 80 images per second, a game that could not be played. with computers based on the GMA 950. In the demo with Half Life at 1,024 x 768 resolution 34.25 images per second were averaged on a computer equipped with Windows Vista.

It is unknown how all this will translate into the Macintosh, at the moment Apple continues to sell MacBook Pro and Mac mini based on the GMA 950. And as usual, Apple did not make any prior announcement that its systems will use this new graphics subsystem.