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Intellectual property online registration with Safe Creative

The Spanish company Safe Creative has just launched www.safecreative.org, an online registry of intellectual property that allows you to register any work on any medium for free. The tool, based on web 2.0, contemplates the registration, deposit, certification and consultation of the works. Once registered, a certificate is obtained stating the date, the author and the rights of use of the material. When registering the works, the desired type of license can be selected: copyright, copyleft, GNU, Creative Commons, etc. The author obtains a certificate containing a logo and a registration number that he can include in his works (whether physical, such as books or records, or digital, such as photos or articles on the Internet).

For the creators of this platform, “Safe Creative allows the coexistence between copyright and copyleft licenses, in addition to making it difficult to plagiarize works and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge of the artists”, explains Juan Palacio, CIO of the company. At the moment the company does not plan to follow a specific business model and prefers to leave the door open to the possibilities that arise. However, they have developed a plug-in for WordPress that allows to automatically register the content created with this blogging tool automatically. “It is only the beginning, we do not rule out developing new tools for other platforms,” ​​adds Palacio.

The technology platform behind safecreative.org has been provided by NTT Europe Online. According to its commercial director, Miguel Ángel García, “it allows guaranteeing the security of the contents and respect for the procedures required by law in terms of automated processing of personal data.”

The launch of the registry in Spain will soon be followed by the one in the United States, although those responsible for Safe Creative cannot specify the specific date.