Interactions "07: European Quark events

Quark has announced that it invites all creative professionals to attend classes on the use of QuarkXPress 7 and Quark Interactive Designer live, these courses will tour a total of 35 European cities. Attendees will be able to work with a wide range of features present in QuarkXPress 7 and then can utilize the skills gained from using Quark Interactive Designer where they can add motion, sound, and interactivity to their designs, which can then be created as Macromedia Flash files. (SWF).

“QuarkXPress 7 and Quark Interactive Designer provide tremendous benefits for creative professionals, and the best way to experiment with it is to use the software,” says Gavin Drake, Quark’s director of marketing for the European market. “For this reason, having professional experts who escape from the hand of their management, assisted by an environment of live education practices, makes the attendees discover the new key characteristics of these two award-winning products. They can also learn how easily they can expand their skills with existing print designs and then expand their web and Flash design skills without learning complex new tools. “From Photoshop support to transparencies, To OpenType, Quark Job Jackets, and collaboration with Composition Zones, QuarkXPress 7 is this software’s most significant enhancement.

Quark Interactive Designer was introduced in October 2006 and allows creative professionals to use their skills to, taking QuarkXPress content, create interactive content rich in multimedia possibilities.

What is Interactions ’07?

These are educational events designed for users of previous versions of QuarkXPress who have not switched to QuarkXPress 7. In them they can check and learn, on the spot, the advantages and new features of this tool. At the same time no more user-friendly than someone who may have used QuarkXPress in the past and wants to experience the multi-channel layout and layering capabilities.

Where will Interactions ’07 take place?

Interactions ’07 will take place in 20 European countries and will tour 35 cities, which will cause it to travel some 11,000 kilometers. The countries and their cities are: Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Brussels), Czech Republic (Prague), Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), France (Lille, Lion, Marseille, Nantes and Paris), Germany (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart), Hungary (Budapest), Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Verona and Milan), Netherlands (Amsterdam and Utrecht), Norway (Oslo), Poland (Warsaw), Portugal (Porto and Lisbon), Russia (Moscow), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich), Turkey (Istanbul), and the United Kingdom (Bristol, Edinburgh, London and Manchester).

How to register?

To register for any of the Interactions ’07 events, visit ( Quark will be able to run four sessions per day at each location. In the register, you must select the specific session in which you are interested, as well as the day.

The content of each of the sessions is based on the assistants having at least basic knowledge of QuarkXPress (any version). For users who wish to attend one of these classes and have not previously operated QuarkXPress, a fully functional 30-day evaluation version of QuarkXPress 7 can be downloaded at: (includes the new update for binary Universal for Intel-based Macs).