Internet tutorials How to know if my neighbor steals the Internet These days, practically all homes, offices and others have …

In these times, practically all homes, offices and others have their own WiFi service, specially placed to make the most of, and at the best possible cost, all the operating options offered by smartphones and other smart terminals. Of course, The idea of ​​these WiFi networks is that they are used only by those who inhabit the place, so that they access the best possible browsing speed, preventing people outside the space from taking advantage of them.

And although, on the one hand, having the Internet in a home has become one of the basic services that any of us hires as soon as we move to our new home, we cannot help but consider that on more than one occasion the idea of that a neighbor may be stealing our signal. The truth is some people, especially in the case of apartments, take advantage of the WiFi networks of others, as long as they are able to describe or decrypt the keys of such a network.

Precisely from this situation that we are describing, and for which many users have been consulting us recently, is that we can say that there are several ways to know if your neighbor is stealing your WiFi network signal, so now we are going to little to talk about it. There are several methods, but the easiest way to be completely sure that someone is stealing our WiFi, is directly by putting all of them into practice at the same time, so we go with the details.

How to know if someone steals my WiFi

Well, if you want to know if someone is stealing your WiFi, the first thing you have to do is use your smartphone directly. If you can’t figure out how, you should know that There are many applications specially made for this, although in this case we are going to highlight especially one. It’s all about Fing – Network ScannerYou can download it directly from this link, and it has been developed to know in seconds, all the devices that are connected to your Internet network from your mobile.

This application works in such a way that it is capable of scanning all the IP ranges that are connected to the router that emits the WiFi, so that informs about the existence of each of the devices connected to the network, to verify that they are only ours or someone else’s. It is obviously a very interesting application, insofar as it will allow you to know absolutely all the details about the intruder terminals that are connected to your network.

Have you discovered intrusive devices connected to your network with this step by step?