Internet Tutorials LycaMobile Internet APN Settings Have you ever heard of LycaMobile Internet? Well the truth …

Have you ever heard of LycaMobile Internet? Well, the truth is that many clients have an account within this company, and therefore, they intend to obtain all the benefits that it claims to provide them. However, sometimes there may be problems in this regard, and that is why we have decided, in these circumstances, to make an article about the APN LycaMobile Internet configuration.

The first thing to highlight in this regard is that thanks to LycaMobile Internet, We should be able to obtain elements such as national voice, voice + data, mobile Internet bonuses, or many others from the segment. Many consider that LycaMobile Internet plans are the cheapest we can get in these times, the cheapest rates when making calls.

Making international calls with LycaMobile Internet

When it comes to LycaMobile Internet, the first thing we have to know is how to make cheap international calls, and it must be said that to do so, the company’s customers must send a traditional text message or SMS with the word “PROMO” to the number 3535, thus being able to choose the rates they want from among those available from LycaMobile Internet, which will then obviously be the ones billed.

After that, we just have to follow the different steps that the system teaches us to determine what the rate we want is, considering that everything depends largely on the amount of data on our device. Then we will have to dial the corresponding code on our smartphone, almost always * 221 # and check that we have enough balance for the amount of MB we are looking for.

We can then verify that for the different LycaMobile Internet rates, the codes that we must send will differ once the previous steps have been passed, although then everything depends on what we are looking for. In general terms, anyway we only have to follow the indications that are shown for each of the amount of data that we intend to have at hand, so it is not complicated at all.

Once we have done the first part of the LycaMobile Internet configuration, whatever we are using, we will have to follow a series of new steps, from Settings, Networks and then in APN. Specifically, a new APN will have to be created with different information to be completed, including the name, the APN name, the user and the password, which will be the following:

Name: LycaMobile APN: User: lmes Contraceña: plus

There is little left to finish the configuration of LycaMobile Internet, and indeed, all we have to do from now on is go to Save all the data we have incorporated, and restart our device. Beyond that, We recommend that you stay connected to the available WiFi networks for as long as you can, reserving the LycaMobile Internet data for when they are really necessary.