IOS Games Download Download Rocket League for iOS. Soccer Matches with Cars, a Madness, but the Good And we say that it is a madness of the good ones because honestly …

And we say it’s crazy good because honestly it’s awesome gentlemen, this game is just great. It is not just a soccer game, nor is it a driving game, but it is a hybrid, a slight idea between the two, a combination of both that results in something impressive and explosive.


Download Rocker League for iOS it is possibly one of the best things you could do and is that after all it is made up of two genres that attract masses. In this case we are going to have different types of cars that have a kind of propellants with which they must compete on a field, two arches, one on each side where you must try to get the ball, before your opponent hits it. your goal.

Simple but addictive gameplay

It is actually quite easy to play, because it is very intuitive, that does not mean that it is boring or anything similar, it is easy and entertaining. The ball is bigger than the car itselfHitting the same is going to require you to be able to control the car in a fairly precise way. The main idea is to hit the ball until you reach the opposing goal, in turn it is necessary that you learn to use the propellants in order to take advantage of your rivals.

Download Rocket League for iOS

Keep in mind that this game is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. IOS? Not sadly for iOS devices, Rocker League is not available. It is really a shame because it is quite an entertaining game that if developed correctly for mobile devices you could get a high quality game.


We are also going to recommend another game that is considerably similar to Rocket League and is Soccer Rally.

The idea of ​​this game is actually quite similar, although obviously the graphics are not even similar, being Rocket league very superior. But that does not mean that Soccer Rally is boring or anything similar, you will spend a good amount of hours glued to the screen.

First of all we are going to go directly to the App Store.

Once there we will have to look for the button that says “Download” remember that this game is not free, you will have to go through the checkout unfortunately paying 1 euro, it is not too much considering that within all it is a fairly entertaining game and leaving Besides the graphic theme, it is very fun, especially to play with friends.