iPhone 6 drop test, auchhh

iPhone 6 drop test, auchhh

Just a few days ago, the iPhone 6 and its older brother the iPhone 6 Plus were released in the United States. These 2 new Apple terminals as usual raise all kinds of positive and negative comments between those who love the brand and those who are dedicated to attacking it.

iPhone 6 drop test

a hapless iPhone 6 about to be smashed

But among all this commotion of news and reviews, there are always some that fascinate me and that I watch whenever I can. It’s about the infamous “Drop test” in other words, the drop tests, where they grab a new terminal, in this case an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6 Plus, and intentionally drop them in different ways to test their resistance to impacts.

Curiously on this occasion, the The first iPhone 6 drop test was not intentional, but came precisely from the hands of the first buyer in the United States of this terminal. The unfortunate man was being interviewed by a local newscast, when he was trying to open the box where the equipment comes from to show it live to all viewers, and bannnggg the cell phone that flies off due to the force and nervousness with which this man opens the package, and screen crashes down onto the floor. They were moments of great nervousness both for the man, and for everyone in the line of future owners of the iPhone 6, because inadvertently this became the first iPhone 6 drop test.

Luckily for everyone, the team was unharmed and the interview was able to continue successfully, but that didn’t stop multitudes of experienced cellphone review websites from intentionally destroying these new Apple crown jewels, so Let’s enjoy a small collection of some drop tests of these 2 new terminals. I anticipate, that like all previous Apple models, screen crashes down are generally catastrophic, while falls from the side or back are generally little or no harm. In all cases, even if the screen breaks, the terminal maintains its operability, which guarantees the user a more or less functional equipment. Something had been speculated about an unbreakable sapphire screen for these 2 terminals, but apparently Apple did not finish (at least this time) this technology of unbreakable screens.

First iPhone 6 Drop Test on the same launch day

A more elaborate test carried out by a specialized portal

Another iPhone 6 drop test vs the iPhone 6 plus

What do you think, would you be able to do this type of test on a totally new terminal? I have always found something extreme (although fun as long as it is not my team) this type of test.

Here is some geek humor related to the iPhone 6 regarding its recent launch.