iPhone Factory reset or reset an iPhone Your reasons for factory resetting an iPhone can …

The reasons you have for restore a factory iPhone It can be a lot, you don’t necessarily want to do it because you need to sell it, if I had an iPhone 7 I wouldn’t sell it or crazy, for example, maybe something is simply not working as you would like or you have too many things installed and it is much easier to leave it as fresh out of the factory to spend hours eliminating everything you don’t want to be on this mobile anymore.


It must also be borne in mind that Factory reset not only removes any application or file that you have installed on your iPhone, but in addition to this what it does is delete any personal data that you have in it such as the Apple ID, so it is necessary that you take this into account, you can also re-enter them once the process is finished. In short, leave the Smartphone as if you had just acquired it.

What we are going to do in this article is try to explain in the simplest way possible how you should do to be able to factory reset your iPhone.

How to factory reset an iPhone with iTunes

In order to carry out this process we are going to need a computer and the iTunes application. So, as you might be imagining, you are going to have to connect the iPhone to the computer and open the application. Now what we are going to do is wait for it to recognize our device.

Our device will appear in the bar on the left, now what you are going to have to do is click right there and then press on the tab that says Summary, once you press there if you look at the part on the right We have information about the OS version and below there are two buttons: One says update and the other says Restore iPhone obviously we must press on the latter.

Now a pop-up window appears asking us a simple question:You want to backup your phone settings? In case you want to select the option of the medium that says “Save backup copy” and if not click on “Do not save copy”.

Next, a new pop-up window appears asking us if we are completely sure, to which we are going to click on restore and update.

We are going to have to wait for the process in question to finish and voila, we already have our factory restored device.


Restore an iPhone

To do it without having to connect it anywhere, all we are going to have to do is go to Settings and then to General, once there we go to where it says Reset and the next thing we will do is look for the option that says Delete content and settings.

Now it is going to ask us to confirm the action, we do it by clicking on Delete iPhone and that’s it, we have to wait for the procedure to finish, which may take several minutes.

Of course, remember to also have the battery fully charged and once the procedure has started, do not try to stop it in any way.