IPods dominate Amazon’s US and UK sales charts

IPods of different colors, capacities and classes are 9 of the most demanded products in the top 20 on the list. Most of the other devices that make up the remaining 11 positions on this top 20 list are products designed to work with an iPod.

The 30GB black iPod is the best-selling product in its category, followed by the new iPod shuffle. The 2GB silver iPod nano ranks fourth among the best-selling MP3 players. The Belkin TuneCast II Transmitter for iPod is Amazon’s third most popular gadget. InTempo iPod compatible speakers and the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter for iPod are also in the top twenty most popular.

Sennheiser headphones and Sony headphones (compatible with any MP3 player, including iPods) are also among the top twenty sellers. Only four devices not related to or compatible with iPods have a presence on this Amazon UK list.

In the case of Amazon for the United States market, the trend is the same. On the list of best-selling MP3 players, the 30GB iPod and the 1GB iPod shuffle top the list. Apple has twelve of the twenty best-selling products on the list. Microsoft’s Zune is ranked 16th on the list of its best-selling products in the United States.

Web: www.amazon.com; www.amazon.co.uk.