iProof PowerRIP X, with support for Epson 3800

iProof PowerRIP X, with support for Epson 3800

According to the developer, this software also means that only one color profile is required for each type of media, regardless of the output resolution settings, even when bi-directional printing is used.

PowerRIP X users get a free ICC profiling system for the 3800. Epson uses colorimetric calibration during product manufacturing to ensure color consistency on any of its 3800 printers. This allows the profiles to be used reliably ICCs created remotely. IProof systems will be able to create profiles of any paper free of charge as long as it works with UltraChrome K3 inks.

Users who need to create specific color profiles for unusual jobs can do so using a spectrophotometer. Printers whose color has drifted slightly can also be recalibrated in this way.

PowerRIP X is priced at $ 399.

Web: www.iproofeurope.com